Research upon Architect Eugen Gustav Steinhof

Eugen Gustav Steinhof

Eugênio Gustavo Steinhof

Eugene Pierre Lacour

We are finishing of writing a book “A Forerunner in Architectural Education”, upon the life and ideas of this proeminent pedagogue. For this, we are doing an international research and we would thank very much any information about this subject.

Some data over STEINHOF.

He was born in Vienne, in 5 october 1880 and died in july 1952, in Los Angeles. Son of Berhard Steinhof and of Adele Horowitz. He was married with Ida O’Aprile, in 1915, with Ninon Tallon (Herriot?), in 1926, with Maria, in 1931. He had two daughters Maria Beatrix (1915) and Irene.

He had two brothers and two sisters: Helene Therese (31/05/1869), Friedrich Karl (22/02/1874), Robert (25/11/1876) and Mathilde Josefine (28/01/1882).

He was degree in structural engineer and architect in 1905.

From 1905 till 1923 he was a plastic artist.

From 1923 till 1930 he had teached in “Kungstgewerbeschule”, in Vienne.

From 1931 till 1946 he had teached in several universities of USA.

From 1947 till 1951 he had teached in UFRGS, in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

He was pupil of Otto Wagner, Joseg Hoffmann, Henri Matisse and Adolf von Hildebrand.

He har contacts, among others, with: Arnold Schoenberg (your colleague), friend of André Lucart, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Mies van Der Rohe, Maurice Ravel, Manuel del Falla, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Einstein, Heniry van de Velde, Erich Mendelsohn.

He was Honorary Member of ARchitect Institue of Brazil.

Professor “Ad Honorem” of Architecture Faculty of Uruguay University.

“Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur de la France”.

Author of several articles specialized revues and works published and inedited, such as: “Arquitetura”, “The Education of Architect” and “Industrial Arts”, etc.

See Provisoire SUMMARY of the book: “Steinhof – A Forerunner in Architectural Education”, further in this blog.

The information can be sent to ROBERTO DE AZEVEDO E SOUZA (


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